Caroline Redmon, LMFT​​
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I enjoy assisting couples with learning the art of fair fighting and reclaiming love within their relationship. When couples come to therapy they are often hurt and feel separated from their partner. Communication comes to a stop and they feel scared, rejected, defensive, or angry. As such, when members of a couple cannot share their honest feelings, more than likely they make assumptions of what the other feels and thinks. Most of the time when assumptions are made, people jump to the wrong conclusions as to what is going on with their partner. I help couples break this pattern which would otherwise build resentment, anger, and hurt. As this barrier is broken, each person is able to articulate his or her deeper feelings. As a therapist, I assist couples in getting to the root of their conflicts by helping them communicate honestly and congruently.

In regards to when there are children from a previous marriage/relationship, I enjoy working on co-parenting skills, as well. In raising children, parents should be on the same page with instilling values, as well as, designing and implementing proper discipline that is both consistent and kind. I especially enjoy working with couples who are planning to get married by empowering each partner with knowledge of their own strengths and tools necessary for a strong relationship.

Couples often argue. It's what they do.
But they can also live with peace and well being.


Working with families is one of the parts of being a therapist I enjoy most. Families are systems, where if one cog in the system is experiencing difficulty, each person is affected and thus, everyone can be a part of the solution of the relationship difficulties. Everyone in a family plays a part in the dysfunction. I delight in helping members of a family discover how each affects the others. In my work I provide tools and skills for more productive communication so that each member can be heard by the others. I also facilitate Parenting Classes through All-Desert Wellness Centers.